UNB Labour Relations

As of Jan. 30, 2014, UNB and the AUNBT have reached an agreement to recommend suspension of the strike/lockout.  This comes as a result of reaching a tentative agreement on the key issues related to wages. According to mcquarrie.com, any agreement reached between two parties must be submitted to the relevant board for it to become legally binding.

Details about the resumption of classes and other services will be addressed as they become available. In the interim, the university wants to assure students and community members that we will make every effort to keep you informed during the process. Please refer to this site for updates.


Effect of 3-week strike and change in Academic Calendar on GTAs and RAs

Graduate students working as GTAs and RAs have been asking questions regarding what the impact the 3-week strike will have on their hours of work for the rest of the term.  The following are the answers to those questions:

Will the time that GTA's and RA's were paid for during the strike be considered payment for work we have not yet done, and therefore, will we be backlogged for work and not paid for some weeks while working?
No, the time paid during the strike will not be considered as payment for ???work not yet done???. Some GTAs and some RAs continued to perform some duties during the strike.  Rather than determine who did or didn???t, the hours for which a GTA or RA was paid during the strike will be considered as payment for ???work done??? and the remaining hours available to work under the contract for the rest of the term are reduced accordingly.  

As a result of the changed academic calendar dates, and the answer to the question above, will GTA's and RA's be paid for the additional hours of work?
Yes, GTAs and RAs will be paid, if additional hours of work are required and agreed to between the GTA/RA and the supervisor per the Union of Graduate Student Workers (UGSW) Collective Agreement.  Work without pay is not permitted.  GTAs and RAs have a set number of hours to work specified in their contracts (Appendix B1/B2).  In some cases, the GTAs/RAs may be able to complete their work under their existing contract (taking into account the hours deemed ???worked??? during the strike) without additional hours.  But in other cases, they may not, and extra paid hours may be requested by the Supervisor or GTA/RA.  If extra hours are necessary, the Supervisor and GTA/RA must fill out an Appendix C1/C2 to amend their original contract to specify the new hours as required by the UGSW Collective Agreement.  

GTAs/RAs should speak to their supervisor to discuss whether extra hours are necessary and make any agreed to revisions to their contracts.  

Revised Undergraduate Calendar

Following yesterday's special meeting of both UNB Senates a new undergraduate calendar of academic dates for the Winter Term 2014 was developed.Highlights of this new undergraduate calendar include:

  • The registration period during which students can add and drop Winter Term course registrations will extend to Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. 
  • The final day to withdraw from full year courses without academic penalty has been extended to Friday, Feb. 14. A notation  of W (withdrawn) will be shown on the academic transcript for courses dropped by this date.
  • The final day to withdraw from Winter Term class with no academic penalty (a W) is March 21.  
  • The deadline for payment of tuition for Winter Term is now Friday, Feb. 14, 2014
  • The traditional Reading Week March 3-7 will be a regular week of classes. - no examinations or other course deliverables are due the week of March 3-7.
  • The last day of classes for Winter Term 2014 will be Tuesday, April 15, 2014.  Wednesday, April 16, will be a Reading Day.
  • The final examination period for Winter Term 2014 will be April 17 ??? 29, not including the four days that encompass the Easter Break.  The examination period will be nine days and includes Sunday, April 27.
  • For Winter Term 2014 only, no examination or test may be held in the last five teaching days of the term.  The last day to hold tests in class is Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

New course outlines are to be provided to students as soon as possible and no later than Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, to coincide with the end of the registration period.

A specific motion was approved with regard to the Faculty of Nursing Fredericton calendar for Year 4 students that is not reflected in the calendar and details of a revised calendar of dates will be communicated by the Faculty of Nursing  Fredericton soon.

Any special provisions considered by the Faculty of Nursing Saint John will be communicated separately.

The full undergraduate calendar is available online.

A new calendar for the Faculty of Law and the School of Graduate Studies were also approved and will be provided as soon as possible.

Back-to-Work Protocol

Back-to-Work Protocol between Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers Group 1 [AUNBT] and the University of New Brunswick [Employer]

Whereas negotiators for AUNBT and the Employer [the Parties] have agreed to end their current labour dispute and the Parties wish to promote a coherent and effective resumption of normal UNB operations, the Parties agree as follows. 

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Revised academic schedule extends term, impacts Reading Week

In an effort to ensure students complete the Winter term and have the opportunity to graduate on time and with minimal impact on lost teaching days, classes will be extended until April 17. The exam period will now be April 22 ??? 30, including exams on Sunday, April 27.


To accommodate this new schedule, which must be approved by the Academic Senates, the March Reading Week will be used for classes. This arrangement will result in the loss of only four teaching days and allow for the summer term to begin as scheduled.

All tuition and related fees are now due by 4:30 pm on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students. 

More details about the resumption of classes and other services will be addressed at www.unblabour.ca as they become available.


Statement from the President

We are all delighted that classes will resume at UNB Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 as a result of an agreement yesterday between the university and the AUNBT.

We will deploy all of the university???s resources to help everyone with the transition back to classes.  There will be many questions about a variety of subjects, perhaps most about the changes needed in our academic calendar, all of which will be much clearer over the next few days.  As details are available, they will be posted to www.unb.ca/labour.

These days have been difficult for us all, and have been particularly hard on our students and their families.  It is clear, however, that we all care deeply about the future of our students and our university.  With this settlement in hand, we can now turn our attention back to our students and focus on improving on our stature as one of Canada's great universities.

I wish to acknowledge the hard work of the individuals who served on the bargaining teams for the university and AUNBT - thank you.  We are also deeply grateful as well for the leadership and support provided by the New Brunswick government in achieving an agreement.

We welcome this new opportunity to work with our faculty, staff and students in building a better university, a better province and beyond.

An academic community is at its best when we are doing what we love, creating a top quality academic and university experience for our students, doing our research, and serving our communities.  Thankfully on Monday morning that is what we will all be doing once again at UNB.

We are fortunate to live in a province where citizens are passionate about and believe in the transformational role of post-secondary education.   


H.E.A. (Eddy) Campbell, PhD
President, University of New Brunswick


All classes to resume Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

We are delighted to announce that all classes and courses will resume beginning Monday, Feb. 3 2014, as a result of a tentative agreement with the AUNBT.
We are all looking forward to a return to the vibrant UNB campus life that students, faculty and staff contribute to every day.

We are working toward ensuring the transition back to class is as seamless as possible. There will be a lot of questions and details about the resumption of classes and other services will be addressed on this site  as they become available.
Welcome back!


Temporary communications blackout instituted

As of the afternoon of Jan. 27, 2014 a temporary communications blackout has been agreed upon and instituted by both UNB and the AUNBT while a special mediator works with both parties this week.

This blackout includes communications via traditional and social media channels and e-communications including this website. We will continue to work toward providing answers to submitted questions and reply once the blackout is lifted. In the interim please visit the current FAQs.